Sugar scrub

to help exfoliating your skin before your spray tan or when you are ready to exfoliate it off towards the end of the tan.

Tan Extender Lotion

To help your skin remain hydrated to make sure your spray tan looks and feels amazing! Great for everyday use!

Custom Face Mist

Made just for you so that you can continue to have a beautiful glow on your face as your tan begins to fade it will help pop it back to life!

Glow Getter by Krissy Tanning Mousse/Runway

Rapid Rinse, Violet base with a drizzle of gold! Perfect for someone looking for a Medium Glow everyday!!!!!

Body Shimmer Spray

Made by Krissy for YOU! Silver or gold shimmer with coconut scent.

Finishing Powder

Great to help keep you dry, smelling great and shining all day long! Many scents to choose from. Made by Krissy 4 oz container ( brush sold separately)


All natural locally made! Whitening, Remineralizing, cavity preventing!!!!

Want to get a spray tan?

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