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Spray Tanning Shippensburg, PA

Not all spray tans are created equal. Not even close.

Sunless tanning is healthier, faster, and more consistent than traditional tanning or lying out in the sun for hours. Whether you want just a pop of color or to get your golden goddess on, we’ve got you covered. Orangy, steaky, fading, uneven spray tans? Not on our watch! We’ll do a full-color analysis to evaluate your skin type, tone, and texture, then select the coloring that works best for you. We’ll apply a finishing powder to eliminate stickiness and protect your spray tan as it develops. The result is beautiful color that’s dry to the touch, silky soft, and won’t come off on your clothing or sheets. Book your service today.

Spray Tan plus Finishing Powder

  • Krissy Cressler a Master Certified Spray Tan Artist will be taking care of your glow needs from start to finish! We have many solutions to choose from. Standard 8–24-hour solutions and rapid 1–6-hour solutions spray tans that fully process in 24 hours for you perfect GLOW! We will select your solution and color during your visit once we analyze your skin type and go over a few questions with you to meet all your needs. For best results it’s teamed up with our amazing finishing powder that lets you leave your session not feeling sticky and allows you to go about your day all while protecting your spray as it processes. Our finishing powder has a beautiful shimmer and an amazing scent! We have multiple scents to pick from and we change them with the season.

Glow UP Spray Tan Package! The best spray tan experience!

  • With this package you will receive: an exfoliating scrub to prep correctly to make sure your spray tan takes the best to your skin. Available for pick up at our studio during business hours Thursday 12-6 pm and Friday 1-7pm. Your beautiful glow spray tan with finishing powder. After care to extend the life of your spray tan which is very important for it to wear evenly and fade naturally. This includes body wash and tan extender lotion All put into a travel TSA approved container. Plus a custom face mist that is designed to help you keep your color on your face longer! Everything you need to Glow UP every day!

Calming Treatment, clear solution applied to full body for aches, pains and skin issues.

  • A calming treatment that will help your skin and body feel amazing. Applied like a spray tan but with no color. It is great for people suffering from aches, pains in joints and muscles, skin issues such as dry skin, acne. This service is best to be scheduled weekly so you can feel your best! It's a clear solution applied to the full body. There is not tan to this treatment.

Add on calming treatment for aches, pains and skin issues to Spray Tan

  • This is only for the add on to a spray tan option. The add on calming treatment is great for people suffering with aches, pains in muscles and joints, skin issues such as dry skin, acne. This add on is great to take your spray tan experience to the MAX GLOW UP FEELING!

Add on moisture seal for extra hydration for dry skin clients with your Spray Tan

  • This is an add on to help hydrate your skin after your spray tan, so it lasts longer. Ideal add on service for people with mature skin, dry skin or people that are affected by the cold weather and get dry skin in the winter.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 week before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee. If there is a medical reason, change in schedule, emergency, I will see that 80% of what you paid gets applied to your next visit. You will need to reschedule your appointment within 2 weeks so that we can apply the 80%.  Then you are only responsible for 20% payment of your service at that next visit. IF you do not reschedule within the 2 week time frame you will lose your fee option to apply to next appointment.

Clients are required to provide card information to book appointments for No Show or last minute Cancellation.

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